Senior FAQs

Just the FAQs (or, everything you ever wanted to know about senior pics!)

Q. What's the difference between you and that "other"/school-sponsored photographer?
A. Seniors are scheduled one at a time...there's no double-booking, no lines, no crowded dressing rooms.

Q. Will you do my yearbook picture?
A. No, you'll still have to go to the "other"/school-sponsored photographer for your yearbook picture. We'll credit your picture order at VKP with the amount that you paid for your yearbook picture. Just bring us the receipt! (We've heard this fee for Class of 2016 is $25.)

Q. Do I need to cancel my appointment if I have a blemish?
A. No, all of your pics are retouched before leaving the studio.

Q. How much will my pictures cost?
A. You and your parents (or whomever is picking up the tab) should discuss your budget. Studio collections start at $395 and go up. Plan accordingly.

Q. I don't think I need as many 8x10s as are in the collection I want...what now?
A. There IS some substitution permitted in the collections. Think of each collection as a "starting point" for how you want to customize it to get exactly what you need.

Q. Hey, can I see my pics online?
A. The studio WILL NOT put your pics online before you come into the studio to see them. Don't ask.

Q. But...I can still get them for Facebook, right?
A. Each collection contains web-sized images for the poses you've purchased. (Note: using the images for anything other than Facebook or MySpace is a violation of copyright and is just plain wrong. Please don't do it.)

Q. When do I schedule my viewing appointment?
A. At the end of your photography session, you'll be asked to schedule your viewing appointment. Your images will be ready within 72 hours. Bring everyone who's involved in making purchasing decisions to your viewing session. Please do not bring your significant other or BFF.

Q. Do I get proofs?
A. No. The studio is 100% digital. There are no "proofs".

Q. I tried a new hairstyle and I'm not happy with my pictures. Can I have another session?
A. Victoria will take care of the technical details, but when it comes to clothing, hairstyles and so on, that's YOUR responsibility. You can certainly have another session--you will be charged a nominal session fee if your "do-over" is not due to a technical error.

Q. Okay...I'm getting psyched--how many pictures will you do?
A. Victoria doesn't do a "set" number of pictures at a senior session. After all, YOU aren't a "cookie cutter" person, and SHE doesn't do "cookie cutter" photography. Let's just say that a lot will depend on how many changes in outfits you bring. You'll see 30 images at your presentation. All images will be different--whether it's head tilt, hand position, or angle...Victoria is all about variety!

Q. Wow...that's a will I choose?
A. You should have an idea of for whom you will be ordering BEFORE your viewing appointment. Don't forget grandma Betty and those aunts and uncles you haven't seen since first grade. Think about whether or not you want to include pics in your graduation announcements. Will you want pics for "thank you" notes? Victoria will help you narrow down to your favorites in your viewing appointment. Most seniors choose 4-7 poses, depending on the collection they've decided to purchase.

Q. What if I just can't I HAVE to place my order at that time?
A. You'll have 1 complimentary viewing session. Each additional viewing session incurs a $75 fee. If you feel that the world is going to fall off its axis if all the cousins, aunts and grandparents don't get to choose their own pictures, your favorites can be posted online with the pre-payment of a non-refundable $500 retainer that will be applied to your portrait order. (Please note the "non-refundable" part...any monies remaining from your order go on a studio gift card for you to use at a later time.) If you choose to do the online thing, you are guaranteeing the studio a $500 order.

Q. When will my pics be ready?
A. The studio makes every effort to turn orders around in 3 weeks from the time you place your order. If your order will take longer because of production workloads, you'll be notified via phone and/or email.

Q. Gee...I'm starting to think about clothes...any suggestions?
A. Victoria recommends that you bring enough "stuff" (tops and bottoms) to make 7-8 outfits, even though you won't be photographed in everything you bring. She'll look over your clothes when you come in for your session and help you decide what you'll look best in for your pictures. Be sure to check out the photography/fashion tips elsewhere on the blog! (Guys--think about jeans AND khakis, a polo shirt AND a second shirt. Look in the back of your closet.)

Q. What else should I know?
A. Visit the website and check out the senior gallery.  That will give you an idea of Victoria's style and what's available.

Q. This sounds pretty important--anything else?
A. Your photography time and viewing appointment are scheduled JUST FOR YOU. If you MUST reschedule, please give the studio as much notice as possible. There is a waiting list for seniors to get on the calendar--Victoria would like to try to accomodate someone who is keeping their fingers crossed for an appointment.

Q. Someone at school told me about another photographer.
A. There are several photographers in the area who offer senior pictures. You should choose the photographer whose style you like the best and who offers you what you want in collections/packages. Victoria is a member of Senior Portrait Artists and makes it a priority to keep up with "what's going on" in senior photography.

Q. How long is my session?
A. You can choose from 3 sessions: the Mini (1/2 hour), the Style (1 hour) , or the Ultimate (1 1/2 hours). You won't be rushed, but remember--the more time you spend in front of the mirror is time you won't spend in front of the camera. Don't be late. Your session begins at your appointed time whether you're there or not! There's probably someone booked behind you. It isn't fair to them to ask them to wait.

Q. Can I have a Saturday session?
A. Saturday sessions are available and book the fastest. If you need a Saturday appointment, you should be on the phone NOW.

Q. I'm picking up the phone...what's the number?
A. The direct studio line is 919.466.7478...what are you waiting for?