Selecting Size

There are three factors that determine the proper size for a portrait:

FACE SIZE...The most important part of the portrait is the expression. Being able to see the expression is the key to enjoying your portrait. For the average size room, a face height of 4" to 6" is recommended. Any smaller and the expression will not be visible, and you won't get the viewing pleasure you've invested in and deserve.

VIEWING DISTANCE...The distance from the seating area to the portrait will determine how well you can see the expression. The above recommendations are based on an average viewing distance of eight to ten feet.

HORIZONTAL WALL SPACE...This sometimes determines the exterior dimension of your portrait. For design purposes, the portrait should utilize 1/3 to 2/3 of the available wall space. Please be certain that you are selecting the proper size for your display area. We cannot "exchange" portraits for a larger size.