Image Presentation

 At the completion of your portrait session, a time will be selected for your image presentation. We will be able to answer any questions regarding adequate sizing, finishing and framing for each area in your home. This appointment is scheduled for a period of one hour. We find, however, that most people have no problem making their selections in much less time. Including small children in this visit is strongly discouraged.

Your images will be viewed via our digital projection system, giving you the ability to see them as wall portraits, and easily visualizing how they will lend themselves to the enhancement of your home decor. All details such as cropping, retouching, finishing and framing can be discussed while seeing your images in the sizes to be made. We urge you to make your selections carefully.

Please be prepared to make your selections during this initial visit, as additional showings are usually not possible. We ask that you bring EVERYONE who is involved in making final decisions to your image presentation.

The time for your image presentation is set aside especially for you. If it becomes necessary to reschedule your appointment, kindly give us as much advance notice as possible so that we may attempt to accomodate someone from our waiting list.

Images selected for printing at your presentation will be archived and available for future orders. Images not selected cannot be retained.

We will notify you when your images are ready so that you may reserve a time to pick up your order.