Great Expectations

Whether it's your first pregnancy or your fifth, there's nothing quite like knowing you're carrying a new you progress through your pregnancy and wonder what color your child's eyes will be, or whether he or she will have Aunt Isabel's beautiful red hair, this is a special time, and we would like to invite you into our studio for a complimentary "Great Expectations" maternity session.

Your custom studio session will include full-length poses, 3/4 poses, and some wonderful "tummy" poses, if you'd like. There's always room for Daddy, too, and big brothers and sisters, if you choose. We usually schedule these sessions around the first part of your third trimester, between 7 and 8 months. (But we've also photographed just a few days before delivery, too!)

There's no cost or obligation on your part...this session, along with a 4x6 black and white image, is our gift to you. If, however, you wish to purchase photographs for friends and relatives, the studio offers you the same pricing we offer our new mommies.

Let us help you remember this extraordinary time...all too soon those butterfly kicks will be fleeting memories, but these images of the heart you'll have forever.