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Tuesday, September 29, 2015
By Victoria Kelly

Imagine this scenario:

You’ve started your family…your first child is due in about two months and you’ve done everything the books tell you to do including interviewing pediatricians…you’ve found a pediatric practice that’s a perfect fit…all is well with the world.

Fast forward to, let’s say, about 8 months…little Sallie has a nasty cough and a fever. You’re pretty sure it’s just a cold but you’ll feel better if the doc checks her out.

You have a coupon for ACME Pediatrics, that new practice that’s just down the road. “What the heck” you think to yourself “I have a coupon and can save $25.00” as you dial the number for the new doc and make an appointment.

Wait…WHAT?!? But you’ve built a RELATIONSHIP with the doc that’s a perfect fit. He has all of little Sallie’s records. He’s checked her every month…knows her growth patterns, her feeding patterns….

The relationship you have with your pediatrician is a valued one.  Shouldn’t the relationship you have with your photographer be the same? As one studio client puts it…”she’s the only one we trust to preserve our family memories.”


Here are a few facts you may not know:

•  I keep scrupulous notes on every client…clothing, date/time of session, what was ordered…plus followup notes and conversations.

•  Most of my clients have been with me more than ten years. Why? Because I DO keep scrupulous notes.

I know which kids are apt to freeze in front of my camera…who needs a little extra coaxing…who has a “natural” smile…in other words…I build a RELATIONSHIP with my clients.  And they keep coming back.  Really.

You know…it’s always the right time to wrap up a memory. So pull out your calendar and choose a date in October that fits with the family schedule. Give us a try during our fall portrait event. I’m thinking you’ll be glad you did.

Oh, and those kids you see below? That's Cole and six months and again at three years.

Let's build a relationship.